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Q. What can we do to check upon a contractor and make sure they’re legitimate?
A. Ask for the contractor’s license number and check for any complaints at the State of California Licensing Board ( and with your local Better Business Bureau. Ask the contractor for examples of work done and for references. 

Q. What are you licensed for?
A.  I hold a “B” general contracting license and a “C-54” tile and granite slab license. 

Q. Are you insured and bonded?
A. Yes, we are fully insured and bonded. Our company carries workman’s compensation as well as general liability insurance. 

Q. How much experience do you have?
A. Roger Peverini, the president of Peverini Tile, Marble, & Construction, has over 25 years of construction experience in the field and you will see Roger on your job often. 

Q. Can you pull the permit?
A. Yes, we can pull the permit for any city/county. 

Q. Can you draw my plans?
A. Yes, we can work with you to create the plans necessary to obtain the permit.